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Escape Velocity

26 August
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i dunno, i guuess i'm just your average-everyday-sweetie-freaked-out-physco-with-a-lot-on- her-mind and even more to say.
I lurve Toby Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal... oh and potatos w/ mayonaise!
My best friend calls me Milky-pox-- so i guess milky-pox is me. I think it has sumthing to do with my fave saying... 'Sumtimes you drink the milk, Sumtimes the milk drinks you'
Music i like.. 'specially Linkin Park.... mmmmmmm... delicous oh and Green Day and No Doubt and Dashboard Conffensional and Our Lady Peace and... the list goes on and on.
I am obssesed w/ Roswell and Harry Potter but sumtimes the diranged sock puppets yell at me, so then the purple squirrels have a war with them... and then i have to send in Bob da Gerbil (my imaginary gerbil who resides in my mailbox) and he straightens everything up.
I just survived Hurricane Charley, Jeanne, Ivan and Frances so i am very pround of myself fior NOT blowing away in the storms
HI MOM!*waves at camera with stupid grin on face*