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Escape Velocity

2nd February, 2005. 7:03 pm. Hey

I haven't written in here in forever, and for good reason. I'm waaaaaaay too lazy.. mean busy. yeah busy

ooooodles nad oooooooldes of lurve

P.S.- Like the new layout?

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7th January, 2005. 9:29 pm. Just for you Heather!

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oh heck.. i'll throw one more in there lol.....

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8th December, 2004. 2:13 pm.

I just put it because i needed a place to save it uber quick.. and i'm too lazy to delete it ^_^

*~oooodles and ooooodles of lurve*~

Current mood: lazy.

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2nd December, 2004. 8:23 pm. A BSRP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looneybin13 [7:10 PM]:</font>  hey

xVilondra [7:10 PM]:

xVilondra [7:10 PM]:
  Omg I'm looking a pics of Brody and his daughter from the christmas eps...SO CUTe....awww...

Looneybin13 [7:11 PM]:
</font>  wut's the link?

xVilondra [7:13 PM]:
  um...it's at this website, a bunch of episodes, you cna look at screencaps and transcripts and stuff...

xVilondra [7:13 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:13 PM]:
</font>  thank ya much

xVilondra [7:14 PM]:
  No trouble ^^

Looneybin13 [7:15 PM]:
</font>  :-D

xVilondra [7:15 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:17 PM]:
</font>  lala i'm cherry cola lala

xVilondra [7:17 PM]:
  Katy Rose!

Looneybin13 [7:18 PM]:
</font>  yeppers!

xVilondra [7:18 PM]:

xVilondra [7:19 PM]:
  Im listening to that song now :D

Looneybin13 [7:19 PM]:
  really?? i luff that song!

xVilondra [7:19 PM]:
  Me too ^^

xVilondra [7:20 PM]:
  Yeah-eh-yeah-ah, I'm cherry cola, yeah-eh-yeah-ah, I'm california...

Looneybin13 [7:20 PM]:
  :-D i luff it.. i luff it

xVilondra [7:21 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:22 PM]:
  ^_^ it is truly wonderful... do u want me to send u that bsrp?

xVilondra [7:22 PM]:
  yep! lol

Looneybin13 [7:23 PM]:
  kk h/o

xVilondra [7:25 PM]:

xVilondra [7:27 PM]:
  are you sending it to my email or here?

Looneybin13 [7:28 PM]:
  e-mail.. its too long to send to AIM

xVilondra [7:28 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:29 PM]:
  mail has been sent

xVilondra [7:29 PM]:
  kk thanks ^^

Looneybin13 [7:30 PM]:
  no prob

xVilondra [7:31 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:32 PM]:

xVilondra [7:32 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:33 PM]:

xVilondra [7:33 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:34 PM]:
  cha cha cha

xVilondra [7:36 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:37 PM]:
  what you thought was enough, might be too much, much more absorbant than the oringinal for sure, charmin ultra, less is more

xVilondra [7:37 PM]:
  less is more when you say less is more charmin ultra less is more

Looneybin13 [7:38 PM]:
  you gotta love that charmin....

xVilondra [7:39 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:39 PM]:
  ugh.. i have two reorts and 44 math probmlems to do....

xVilondra [7:39 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:40 PM]:

xVilondra [7:40 PM]:
  I don't! Know that while you're suffering, I'm ahppy ^^

xVilondra [7:40 PM]:
  that was a such a Lonnie thing to say ^^

Looneybin13 [7:41 PM]:
  yes it was.. and its so comforting....

xVilondra [7:41 PM]:
  I know

Looneybin13 [7:50 PM]:
  ur so sweet

xVilondra [7:50 PM]:
  Thank you :D

xVilondra [7:51 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:51 PM]:
  right back @ ya

xVilondra [7:51 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:52 PM]:
  um.. u go ahead

xVilondra [7:52 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:53 PM]:
  Sorry *shrug* not in the mood

xVilondra [7:54 PM]:
  IT's ok

Looneybin13 [7:54 PM]:
  i figured it would ve

Looneybin13 [7:55 PM]:

xVilondra [7:55 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:56 PM]:

xVilondra [7:57 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:57 PM]:
  back to the la's, eh?

xVilondra [7:57 PM]:

Looneybin13 [7:58 PM]:

xVilondra [7:59 PM]:
  I don't think Liz is speaking to me xD

Looneybin13 [7:59 PM]:
  she's mad at me

xVilondra [8:00 PM]:
  Oh, well, I just told her about how the guys called Michael 'chico' and compared Michael to Keegan.

Looneybin13 [8:00 PM]:

xVilondra [8:01 PM]:
  Oh, lovely. I've done it again.

Looneybin13 [8:01 PM]:
  *asks stupidly* did what?

xVilondra [8:02 PM]:
  -looks at you blankly-

Looneybin13 [8:03 PM]:
  *stares dumbly*

xVilondra [8:03 PM]:
  You wanna do one of those bsrps?

Looneybin13 [8:04 PM]:
  sure.. love to

xVilondra [8:04 PM]:
  YAYNESS. I'll be Izzy

Looneybin13 [8:04 PM]:
  i'll be Maria

xVilondra [8:05 PM]:
  you start xD

Looneybin13 [8:05 PM]:

xVilondra [8:05 PM]:

Looneybin13 [8:08 PM]:
  grr.... brb

xVilondra [8:08 PM]:

Looneybin13 [8:18 PM]:
  Maria Deluca was a small town girl, she was a simple sweet innocent girl. Who was unwillingly dragged into all the 'Alien buisness' Poor, innocent Maria, ooor por innocent Maria..

MARIA! Stop it! I know you wanna write the RP, but you can't. You're in the RP. And you have no control.. so there! Hmph....

Sorry about that. Any way... where were we?

But, I-

Shut it!




That's what i thought... any whoo... back to th RP..

Looneybin13 [8:20 PM]:
  Maria walked along side the banks of the lake. The hot afternoon sun glared glared off her long blond hair. She sighed and squinted in the light. A lighted breeze kicked up around her as she approached the dock. She noticed some one was sitting on that particular dock, some one familiar.

xVilondra [8:23 PM]:
  Isabel Evans was the familiar person. Or was she...? Dun dun dun... then Alex came back to life and- stop. Just stop. but- You heard what Catie said. No control, alright? Fantastic. Now, ISabel Evans was dipping her feet in the lake and staring at its surface.

xVilondra [8:26 PM]:

xVilondra [8:27 PM]:

Looneybin13 [8:27 PM]:
  (hehe) Maria slowly approached the brunette, "Isabel?" She looked at her blankly, "What are you doing here."

What kind of question was that? Why do I care why she's at the lake. Really it's none of my buisness...

*heavey sigh/eye-roll* Maria, we've been over this. You-No Control Me-TOTAL CONTROL. Got it?

Yeah, but-

Not but's


xVilondra [8:28 PM]:
  (Gah, brunette.)

Looneybin13 [8:29 PM]:
  (threw that in just for u ;-))

xVilondra [8:29 PM]:
  Isabel looked up at her, tugging at the short locks of her hair Can't we just change it back? -reaches out with hand, ready to use powers- -slaps it away- No. Why?! Because you want to. I hate you. TOTAL. CONTROL. What part do you not get? Well, anyway. ISabel smiled at MAria. "OH MY GOD! IF IT ISN'T MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!"

Looneybin13 [8:35 PM]:
  Maria looked behind herself, expecting to see some one else. No such luck. Isabel Evans just called Maria her best friend. Maria twitched a little. Creepy... "Um..yeah...uh... Girl, what's up?" she said hesitantly.

Looneybin13 [8:35 PM]:
  (that was supposed to be in black)

xVilondra [8:35 PM]:

xVilondra [8:35 PM]:
  "Jesse died in a car accident!" Isabel said, happily.

xVilondra [8:35 PM]:

Looneybin13 [8:36 PM]:
  Maria looked at her quizcally (spelling.. eesh) "..And you're happy about this?"

xVilondra [8:37 PM]:
  "Well, d'uh. I never liked Jesse much." She said. "And now I can have Michael!"

Looneybin13 [8:39 PM]:
  Maria opened her mouth to say something, then closed it real quick. "Whoa, did you just say Michael? As in Michael Guerin? As in my boyfriend?"

Looneybin13 [8:39 PM]:
  She asked out raged.

Looneybin13 [8:40 PM]:
  (stupid AIM)

xVilondra [8:41 PM]:
  "Oh!" Isabel laughed. "About that..." What about Brody? I was just going to mention that, Iz, shush.  "Michael knows you're seeing Brody so ya know he decided he'd kinda do the same thing so yea remember that night when he went to take out the trash and didn't come back for a half hour? Well....he was with me."

xVilondra [8:47 PM]:

Looneybin13 [8:48 PM]:
  Maria smiled. "Oh ok.. glad we cleared the air about that one. Whoosh" She sat down beside Isabel. "Brody is much better than Michael..plus he's rich. Better kisser too. Oh and that little daughter of his..  cute as a button.."

I'm rambling. I NEVER ramble.

Uh.. Maria, what planet are you living on? You ramble constantly....

Do not

Do to


To...To times infinity I WIN!

Looneybin13 [8:49 PM]:
  (double poke)

xVilondra [8:50 PM]:
  "HAH! I ahev you on TAPE!" Isabel held up  a tape recorder. "I lied. Michael didn't know. And we've never been together!" I would never do something like that. That's tricky. That's more...Kyle. Or Michael, even. So? Michael is cool. Sometimes...-sigh- ALL THE TIME! Well, fine, I realize that, but still- Oh just be quiet.

Looneybin13 [8:53 PM]:
  Maria stood up and began reaching for the tape. "Gimme that! How could you Isabel? I thought we actually had a bit of a friendship.. GIVE ME THAT TAPE!!!!!!" The two girls struggled and fought over the tape, until.... *sploosh!*

Looneybin13 [8:55 PM]:

xVilondra [8:55 PM]:

xVilondra [8:55 PM]:
  "WET! THIS WATER IS WET!" Isabel said, climbing out. "Don't come near me or I'll use my formidable alien powers on you, I swear!"

Auto response from Looneybin13 [8:55 PM]:
Um I'm in the bathroom.. be back uber quick..

xVilondra [8:57 PM]:

Looneybin13 [9:01 PM]:
  Maria choked on a little water and sputtered

Told you I shouldn't have rambled..

Shut up!

Now I'm drowning because of you.. thanks a lot.

Aren't you a little busy right now? SHUT UP!

Maria cried out. "Isabel.... help...me" She reached her hand out and choked and sputtered somemore

xVilondra [9:02 PM]:
  "Oh, damnit." Isabel held out her hand, almost reluctantly.

Looneybin13 [9:07 PM]:
  Maria grabbed on to Isabel's outstretched hand. She manged to climb out and rolled on her back. She coughed up a lot of water then she sat up and looked at Isabel. "You. Saved. Me." she said between breaths "Thanks... I'm - I'm-"

An idiot... I do know how to swim, you know!!!!!!!

SHUT UP!!!!!!

"I'm so sorry. I was a jerk... ecspecially to Michael." She looked at Isabel with pleading eyes. "Please, please, don't show Michael the tape. I promise I'll come clean with him.. just please.. I want to be the...

Looneybin13 [9:07 PM]:
  one to tell him"

xVilondra [9:08 PM]:
  "Okay." isabel shrugged, smiling happily. "If that's what you'll do. I'll give you three days!"

Looneybin13 [9:09 PM]:
  Maria looked at her thoughtfully. "You puzzle me Evans. Why did you do all this?"

xVilondra [9:09 PM]:
  "Heh." Isabel shrugged. "I don't know..."

Looneybin13 [9:11 PM]:
  Maria continued, "You had to have a motive... how did you know about me and Brody.. and the night Michael took the trash out and didn't come back?"

xVilondra [9:11 PM]:
  Isabel smirked and turned towards the imaginary camera. "I have my ways..." She then winked.

xVilondra is away at 9:13 PM

Looneybin13 [9:14 PM]:
  Okay..okay... That was sooooo scheesey.. I know Isabel Evans personally, and she would never do something that stupid and cheesey... you guys are AWFUL.

Please hold one minute while I go lock Maria in the back room at the Crash Down... I'll need duct tape.. lots of duct tape.... hehe....  i love this job!

Auto response from xVilondra [9:14 PM]:
  Xx Right. Zan's my brother. Rath's my lover. But you, Looneybin13, why are you still sittin' here, livin', breathin' in this IM? Oh right. I just love ya. Ain't that the sweetest?xX Bathroom xD

xVilondra returned at 9:19 PM

xVilondra [9:19 PM]:
  (back lol...had to take out my contacts)

xVilondra [9:20 PM]:
  -Hands Catie duck tape AND rope- Hehe. Me too. Well, I agree. I'd never, ever do something like-HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Oh, hey Maria...HEY! DON'T COME NEAR ME WITH THAT DUCT TAPE!

xVilondra [9:22 PM]:
  (lol, you've GOTTA print this out xD)

xVilondra [9:23 PM]:
  (Got to go. See ya tommorow morning! Buh-bye! ^^0

xVilondra signed off at 9:23 PM

Looneybin13 [8:02 PM]: hey-lo
xVilondra [8:02 PM]: HI!
Looneybin13 [8:03 PM]: i'm sooooooooo happy.. i get the n noow.... ^_^
xVilondra [8:03 PM]: WEEEE!
Looneybin13 [8:04 PM]: :-D i luff it....
xVilondra [8:04 PM]: ME TOO! YAY!
xVilondra [8:04 PM]: Now you can watch rFR
xVilondra [8:04 PM]: and degrassi
Looneybin13 [8:05 PM]: i know! i just finished watching a rerun of degrassi... squee
xVilondra [8:05 PM]: SQUEE!
Looneybin13 [8:06 PM]: :-Dhmm...happy thoughts...
xVilondra [8:07 PM]: ICE CREAM
Looneybin13 [8:07 PM]: i have that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xVilondra [8:07 PM]: hey, go check out my livejournal. ijust updated it
Looneybin13 [8:07 PM]: kk...
xVilondra [8:08 PM]: wee
Looneybin13 [8:12 PM]: bloop
xVilondra [8:12 PM]: blop
Looneybin13 [8:12 PM]: bleeeeeeeeeeep
xVilondra [8:12 PM]: bsrp?
Looneybin13 [8:13 PM]: why, I'd be delighted...
xVilondra [8:14 PM]: YAYness
Looneybin13 [8:14 PM]: ok.. h/o
xVilondra [8:14 PM]: kk
Looneybin13 [8:18 PM]: please tell me you saved it!
xVilondra [8:18 PM]: um...no...you know i can't
Looneybin13 [8:19 PM]: ..ugh..great..i have it saved on notebook, put i can't access it....
xVilondra [8:19 PM]: huh?why?
Looneybin13 [8:20 PM]: my stupid computer deleted that program.. usually i would be avle to get it on wordperfect, but it can't process it....
xVilondra [8:20 PM]: weird
Looneybin13 [8:22 PM]: i know... let me try sumthing.. hold on
xVilondra [8:22 PM]: ok
Looneybin13 [8:24 PM]: *elevater music*
Looneybin13 [8:25 PM]: I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looneybin13 [8:25 PM]: :-D
xVilondra [8:25 PM]: YAY! YOU ROCK
Looneybin13 [8:26 PM]: i know...
Looneybin13 [8:26 PM]: last post - -Hands Catie duck tape AND rope- Hehe. Me too. Well, I agree. I'd never, ever do something like-HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Oh, hey Maria...HEY! DON'T COME NEAR ME WITH THAT DUCT TAPE!
xVilondra [8:26 PM]: LOL..your post
Looneybin13 [8:26 PM]: d'uh
Looneybin13 [8:26 PM]: h/o
xVilondra [8:27 PM]: lol
xVilondra is away at 8:28 PM
xVilondra returned at 8:28 PM
xVilondra is away at 8:29 PM
Looneybin13 [8:31 PM]: hmm-mm-mmh-mmmm-mmbl--hmmmm
Thats what I like to hear *grins evily* muhahahahaha
*cough* Back to the RP... (with the good Maria and Isabel)
Maria asked (again)"You had to have a motive... how did you know about me and Brody.. and the night Michael took the trash out and didn't come back?"

Auto response from xVilondra [8:31 PM]: Xx Right. Zan's my brother. Rath's my lover. But you, Looneybin13, why are you still sittin' here, livin', breathin', in this IM? Oh right. I just love ya. Ain't that the sweetest?Xx Finding my 'Nessa CD.
xVilondra returned at 8:33 PM
xVilondra [8:35 PM]: "You and Brody-um, his daughter told me!" Isabel grinned. "That little girl Sydney was so darn cute!"
Looneybin13 [8:42 PM]: Maria smiled and gave a little laugh. "Yeah she's something else. Cute, Big mouth...but..cute."
xVilondra [8:44 PM]: "You'll have fun ebing her...mother." Isabel grinned.
xVilondra [8:46 PM]: Ack, I accidentally x-ed out your IM. sorry! did you reply?
Looneybin13 [8:47 PM]: Maria smiled and nodded her head, then Isabel's words came in to her full comprehension. Maria looked at Isabel with wide eyes. "Whoa.. no.. no.. no no no no no no no no.. Brody and I are not that serious.. I couldn't even begin.. I ..no.. NO."
xVilondra [8:56 PM]: Isabel cracked up. "Ooooooh,but aren't you? That pepperjack sure brings people together!" (Sorry that took so long!)
Looneybin13 [9:00 PM]: (that's ok) Maria didn't look amused. "Um..yeah. Um.. Isabel... I got to go... talk to Michael.. you know.. heh.." Maria gave a weak smile as her stomach churned.. She stood up and began to walk off the pier. She stopped and turned around. "Hey, Isabel?" she called back at the brunette still sitting on the edge of the pier.
xVilondra [9:01 PM]: "yes, Maria DeLuca?" Isabel asked/
xVilondra [9:01 PM]: (ack, short.)
Looneybin13 [9:05 PM]: Maria waited just a moment, debating whether or not it was too late to turn around and run. She decided it was. "This may sound weird and completely off the wall.. but... would you maybe like to go to the movies.. with me.. you know.." she shrugged.."Like girlfriends do." (i mean that in a strait way)
xVilondra [9:06 PM]: (I totally knew that xD)
Looneybin13 [9:06 PM]: (just makin sure..)
xVilondra [9:07 PM]: "Sure. Of course. Totally." Isabel grinned. (ack, g2g now...tis late!)
Looneybin13 [9:07 PM]: (alright.. bye)
xVilondra [9:08 PM]: (bye!)
Looneybin13 [9:09 PM]: (^_^ see ya tomorrow)
xVilondra [9:09 PM]: (kk...you should print this stuff, I'm trying tog et Liz to print ours)
Looneybin13 [9:09 PM]: (will do.. and i'm also gonna print me and Liz's)
xVilondra [9:09 PM]: (alrighty. tell LIz to print ours. I think she died.)
Looneybin13 [9:10 PM]: (heh.. ok)
xVilondra [9:10 PM]: (thanks! bye)
xVilondra signed off at 9:10 PM

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13th November, 2004. 1:34 pm. I'm Maria!

yay. look who i got.. first time too!

You're Maria. Yeah, yeah, your mom makes them.

Which Roswell Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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8th November, 2004. 7:35 pm. ^_^

It's been forever since i've written in here, but hey, i've been super busy... i even went to disney! IT. WAS. AWESOME! i had this much fun: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

ok, so i had more fun than that, but it was almost as good as ice cream. ALMOST. i said almost. speaking of ice cream.... i think i'll go get some.


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22nd October, 2004. 5:35 pm. Does it work?

Draco Is Love

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20th October, 2004. 3:09 pm. bloop

lalalalala- i heart the wword la. its like the greatest word ever.... well unless ur talkin es spanol then it just means 'the'- which sux. but la in ingles (english for those who don't speak-y the lingo) like means nothing..... THAT IS SOOOOO FREAKIN AWESOME, MAN!!!!!!! and don't try to deny.. u kn u luv the word, too.

well thats all i have to say for now.
Sum may call it random,
I call it.. well.. um... random

save a wizard.. ride a broom

ooooodles and ooooodles of lurve

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9th October, 2004. 7:49 pm.

okay those are soooooo cool!
I have got to go.. but um.. bye!

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9th October, 2004. 7:48 pm.

And the last one:

How to make a Cho

5 parts jealousy

5 parts brilliance

3 parts joy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Serve with a slice of wisdom and a pinch of salt. Yum!

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